Used Ducati Bike Parts

Get your Ducati back on the road for less with used parts from Cannibal Cycle. We pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality parts, and we have an entire testing process that allows us to salvage good usable parts and discard damaged parts in the most efficient way possible, allowing us to provide these parts at the lowest price to you.

Any Ducati that we receive is first tested so that we can tell which components of the various systems of the motorcycle are working, and which may be damaged. As the Ducati is broken down each part is inspected and washed so that physical and aesthetic damage that may not have interfered with our first test can be identified and documented. If a part doesn’t meet our quality standard it is thrown out, and the parts in proper condition are prepared for sale online.

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When you shop with Cannibal Cycle you can expect to find only high quality, trustworthy parts. We photograph each Ducati part so that you can search through our inventory and see exactly what you will receive, in the condition you will receive it in. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide salvaged Ducati parts at the lowest price possible.

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